Jeanine & Matt

Natte vallei, Stellenbosch

Jeanine and Matt’s relaxed garden wedding has to be another favorite from last years wedding season. On first meeting Jeanine and Matt I could already tell two important things. 1.- They had a beautiful, tender and caring manner towards each other, and Two. -They were foodies at heart. These two attributes culminated in an delicious, emotive and festive day.  During the cocktail and canape hour, guests were entertained by a fun game in which they were assigned a printed a photo of  another guest at the wedding. Each person then had to find their respective “partner” in the photo that they were given and find out more about them. We thought this was such a great way of breaking the ice and meeting new people.

As Jeanine, Matt and their guests sat under the stars, they were treated to an eight course potluck style tasting menu, finished off by ice cream and coffee. Often weddings can be such a busy time for the bride and groom as they rush from one eventful moment to the next. We loved how present Jeanine and Matt were as they sat and  had good chats with their guests, feasted on delicious food and enjoyed  the evening as all their planning came together.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Amy Olivia, Black Rabbit
FLOWERS: Janine Vermeulen, Foraged
DECOR: Brides own
FOOD: Food Fanatics
STATIONARY: Pascalle Bain, Freelance Designer


"Here we are, under the stars Here we are, under the stars Heaven is not so far Heaven is not so far Heaven is not so far Under the stars." John Legend - Under The Stars

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