What better way to remember your special memories than in a beautifully handcrafted album. Our books are printed on a fine art paper and finished with a linen cover, engraved with your names. We offer a 30 x 30 book as well as 2 smaller “brag book” options sized 20 x 20cm and 8x10inches . Perfect for proud parents and grandparents. We also offer a soft cover photo albums which take on the feel of a fine art magazine. Please email us for more info and prices on these lovely keep sakes.


What do I need to do to secure Dearheart Photos as our wedding photographers?

A 50% deposit  and a signed contract link are required to secure your wedding date.

Is the deposit refundable?

Nope, the deposit is non refundable, so be sure that you are certain you want Dearheart Photos to tell the story of your special day

Can I request specific photo's from your blog or from other inspiration?

Yip! We can’t guarantee that they will be exactly the same, as there are many factors that influence a photo, but  it can be a helpful tool for getting us both on the same page as to what you like. Please remember that you are booking us for our style so we will always interpret the shot and make it our own.

What methods of payment do you accept.

Efts and credit cards

Can we meet up before we book you?

Absolutely. We are currently based in Sea point/Cape Town  and are available to meet up during working hours or early evening after work during the week. We work most weekends, but can possibly fit you in for a meet up. We can also do a skype meet up if you live further away.

How many photographers are there?

You will always get 2 photographers on all our wedding  packages.( custom packages may differ) Lindsay will be the main photographer and will be accompanied by one of her awesome second shooters.

Do the 2 photographers split up and capture different events during the day? eg bride and groom getting ready?

We try and keep the feel of the photos consistent throughout the day and therefore don’t normally split up and cover different events . The second shooter is there to capture moments that the main photographer may miss and we prefer to stick together as much as possible. During family photos, the second shooter will usually cover guests mingling.

How many photos do I get?

We offer between 400-600  high resolution, edited images. More depending on the amount of hours you purchase

Will we receive high resolution images?

Yes! We will give you a custom flash disk with high res images, capable of A3 size prints, as well as a folder of smaller web size images for easy web sharing. Should you need a bigger size, We do shoot in Raw format so can process a larger  file for you.

How do travel costs work?

We will happily travel within a 100 km (for weddings) radius of our home base in Cape Town for no additional fuel costs. After that however, clients are responsible for the cost of travel and will be billed an AA rate of R3,50 per km. For locations with a travel time of more than 1.5 hours from our base in Sea Point and for weddings with an end time after 21:30 that are 1 hour away from our base , please budget for one night’s accommodation at a modest B&B/guesthouse.

For weddings outside of the Western Cape, please budget for flights, car hire( if applicable) and two nights accommodation in a modest B&B/guesthouse

Are you available to travel both nationally and internationally for weddings?

Yes! absolutely. We love to travel and have some competitive travel rates.

Can I change my wedding date?

Once a date is booked, we often turn away other business for that date. We try our best to accommodate Brides and Grooms that have to change their date, but by default treat it as a cancellation and a new booking. This is also subject to the new date’s availability and any potential price changes. If we manage to re-book the old date to someone else, we’d refund some or all of your deposit.

Do I need to provide food for you?

Yes please! We want to be as alert and creative as possible. This can be hard on an empty tummy.

Where should I seat you?

We don’t need to be seated with the guests but we are also friendly enough if you choose to. All we ask is that we have a table, some chairs and some cutlery  and that we are close enough to see the action and what’s going on. We would hate to miss one of the speeches because we are tucked away in another room with no sound.

Do you work overtime?

We can if you need us to, but we do charge extra per hour. For venues over 1hour away please advise in advance if overtime is needed as this may affect travel/accommodation costs. Extra hours confirmed before the event will be charged our standard rate. Hours purchased on the night will be charged an additional fee.

Do you make backup copies of the photos?

Yes! Our first backup is while we are still photographing. We shoot onto 2 cards in case one card gets corrupted. When we get back to our office we make another two copies of the photos onto two different hard drives, one of which is stored in the safe.

How long does it take to get the photos?

We believe that quality takes time. So between 8-10 weeks after your wedding date. We will contact you and arrange a courier time to your home/work when they are ready.

How do you edit the photos

What you see on our blog is how we will edit your photos. We have a handful of colour grades that we use and edit each photo individually. We don’t do excessive retouching  so if you would like magazine cover wedding photos, we can recommend that you reach out to a retoucher  for that. We also don’t do any sepia photos ( whew!) and super imposed dinosaurs ( you’d be surprised ;))

Can I have the Raw images?

Nope sorry. We give a selection of the best images from the day and carefully edit each one. Giving over Raw images doesn’t properly display our work and can negatively affect our brand if edited or displayed differently. If you wish to have more images from your day(more than an additional 10) additional editing fees will apply.

Can I choose to buy a wedding album after the wedding?

Absolutely. We will just need a 50% deposit on the albums you order before we can start making them. Choosing one of our packages with albums beforehand will save you money though.