Bryni & Keane

Bali, Destination wedding

Earlier this year we had the privilege of traveling to Bali to photograph Bryni and Keane’s special day. We loved every minute of it!

We did a little pre wedding shoot the day before and explored a bit of Bali’s beautiful landscape together.

The wedding day was magical and we felt so privileged to be a part of it. I don’t think I can describe this day better than the bride herself, so in true stalker style, here’s is a post Bryni wrote about the day:

” We wanted something real, meaningful, full of heart and happiness. A way to celebrate our love with our loved ones without the pageantry. We didn’t want to sweat the small stuff, and we wanted to “steal moments” as everyone told us to (“it all goes by so fast” is what we heard the most!), because the small details don’t really matter. In my vows to Keane I honoured to love him “as a flawed and imperfect person just as I am a flawed and imperfect person because that is what makes us human” life is messy, people are messy, relationships are messy but it’s your outlook and how you navigate through it all together (with your community) that matters the most. I can’t even talk about our community because I cry too easily, (we cried through most of the wedding!) but if the people who surrounded us and supported us as we started our life together are here for the rest of it, then we are the luckiest two dorks I know.”

You can have a look at their video slide show over here, or check out the pics below while listening to their first dance song “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby” by Cigarettes after Sex

Wedding Venue: Komune Resort

Suit: Frank Bespoke

Hair: Bali Wedding Hair


" I fell in love with you the way rain falls on the first day of summer: recklessly and unexpectedly." _ F.E Marie

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