Tarryn & Bruce

Mofam River Lodge

Tarryn and Bruce’s South African ‘Boho’ wedding is definitely one to be remembered. Every detail of the day was thoroughly prepared and each complemented the next, culminating in a relaxed, stylish and entertaining wedding.

A fun moment from this special day was the puzzle game that they played during the reception. Each different colour puzzle piece was allocated to a person, they then had to find other people with their matching colour piece and build their puzzle. What followed from there was a fun sequence of events which, as you will see in the pictures, got quite competitive 😉

The night ended with dancing under the starts and my all time favorite… donut wall… I mean, you can’t go wrong with a donut wall !

Venue: Mofam River Lodge

Hair and Makeup: Makeup and Delight

Dress:Casey Jeanne

Decor: 4every event


" I just think you should know that out of all, in all the world. You have my most favorite face."- Tyler Knott Gregson

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